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Novel, innovative, compliant and cost effective first-line Breakthrough OTC treatment solutions for PAIN. Solving the immediate Pain Relief Demand for Sports Recovery, Work Related and Seniors with Breakthrough Pain Relief Technology.

How It Works

Natural Plant Active molecules often exhibit higher bio-activity, bio-availability, transdermal penetration, more efficient targeting of pain receptors, increased safety and reduced risk of skin irritation.

OTC Analgesic Compliant, Instasorb™ increases potential intra- tissue, permeation and retention via Phytosomal Activated Microsphere delivery of the most effective Active Ingredient micro-dose potencies.

Quantum Accelerated micro dose ratios, tight particle control technology and Molecular Resonance Imprinting of Actives can result in potential faster Mechanism of Action, deeper tissue penetration and longer-lasting relief.

Our Science

Our game-changing InstaSorb™ microtechnology can reduce natural compliant pain-relieving actives to their smallest possible particle size, without causing molecular degradation.

Applying the quantum potential of topical analgesics to Pain.

InTerra's proprietary TAPMAP™ algorithm applies quantum simulation in silico to identify, the highest potential active ingredient combination in ideal ratios that can amplify inherent signaling potential.

Fast-Acting OTC Solutions Scientifically Formulated for...

Deep & Rapid Pain Relief

People suffering from the life interrupting discomfort of pain want it to stop as quickly as humanly possible and seek a lasting solution to help them quickly return to desired activities.

Wide Audience Appeal

Actives, Athletes, Arthritics, Seniors, Knowledge Workers, Physical Laborers, and anyone suffering from pain want to get back to what they enjoy and have been missing.

Athletic Performance

Active, hobbyist and professional athletes who are sidelined because of pain have a common goal to alleviate pain so they can get back into

Senior Demand

Seniors who have already tried or used OTC pain pills increasingly prefer and demand Topical Pain Relief solutions due to their targeted relief and ease of application.