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InTerra Sciences Inc., a distinguished entity in the field of pharmaceutical research and development, specializes in the creation of innovative Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Solutions. Utilizing the latest advancements in plant science and biotechnology, we strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of the structures of natural active ingredients. Our unique Drug Mapping Discovery Platform, known as TAPMAP™, enables us to develop pain relief technologies that are not only faster-acting and deeper-penetrating, but also longer-lasting, safe, and effective. Our ultimate objective? To provide relief from pain to 100 million individuals worldwide, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.

At InTerra, we fuse cutting-edge Biotechnology and Botanical Molecular Phytology with advanced Life Sciences Software and Algorithm-Driven Drug Discovery. Our proprietary algorithm and software hybridization allow us to identify, combine and optimize ideal natural, plant-based active ingredient micro dose ratios for topical pain relief. Unlike common legacy brand analgesics, our technology focus is on micro dose ratios that avoid skin irritation and overload of receptors.

InTerra’s Quantum Accelerated Molecular Dynamics simulation in silico accelerates product development, laboratory prototyping and subsequent field testing timelines leading to breakthroughs in OTC Topical Analgesics formulation. Field test results indicate that our proprietary Molecular Resonance Imprinting of Active Signatures may significantly amplify FDA-Compliant analgesic active ingredients leading to enhanced Biological Signaling of Pain Receptors ultimately resulting in superior pain relief.

InTerra is committed to transparency, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all our scientific solutions. We continually push the limits of what the established scientific community says is possible through computer simulation, laboratory prototyping, extensive field testing and refining our products to ensure they meet the highest standards of continuous quality improvement and effectiveness. InTerra products are engineered to fit seamlessly into the daily lives of modern-day consumers.

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