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Quantum Physiology:
Revolutionizing Pain Management

At InTerra Sciences, we are at the forefront of integrating quantum biology into healthcare, exploring how quantum mechanisms could fundamentally influence the body’s biological processes. Our research suggests that pain may often result from disruptions in quantum-level information transfer within the body’s cellular networks. By focusing on these quantum processes, we aim to develop innovative treatments that effectively recalibrate these disrupted signals, promoting optimal Bio-Resonance and restoring the body's natural equilibrium.

As we delve deeper into the interplay between quantum physics and biology, we envision Quantum Medicine emerging as a key component in not only alleviating pain but also enhancing overall health and wellness. Our approach combines rigorous scientific inquiry with cutting-edge technology to create interventions that are both effective and in harmony with the body's intricate systems.

Recognizing the pioneering nature of this field, we are committed to advancing our understanding through empirical research while maintaining the highest standards of scientific integrity and ethical responsibility. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate quantum-based therapies into contemporary Over the Counter Medicine, offering a new dimension to pain management

Scientific Investigation & Molecular Mapping

In the development of InTerra’s Analgesic Technology platform, our Science Team applied a comprehensive literature review and analysis via a proprietary algorithm for molecular mapping to identify effective plant-based FDA Compliant active ingredients, in conjunction InTerra utilized proprietary software for modeling absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADMET), enabling accurate predictions and efficient formulation optimization with the objective of expedient onset triggering of pain receptors.


Drug Discovery

TAPMAP™ is a primary component of InTerra’s Proprietary AI-Driven Drug Discovery Platform that breaks new ground in identifying more comprehensive definitions of key Biochemical and Electromagnetic Structures of natural Active Ingredients in order to support enhanced Molecular Resonance Signature Imprinting that can result in superior Biological Signaling of Pain Receptors.

Quantum Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Simulation facilitates rapid insilico molecule construct analysis leading to more accurate and effective laboratory iterative product variations for field testing, considering factors such as onset time, permeability and duration.

Micro-Dose Ratio Efficiency

Scientists at InTerra have uncovered a groundbreaking finding in the realm of topical pain relief, highlighting a stark contrast between micro-dosing and traditional mega-dosing methods. Research reveals that micro-doses of natural active ingredients may be significantly more efficient in targeting pain receptors compared to the large doses of synthetic compounds used by established brands. While mega-doses from these older brands often lead to adverse effects like skin burns and discomfort, and merely divert attention from pain rather than treating it (resulting in temporary 'shock' relief), micro-dosing can offer a more precise and effective approach to pain management, avoiding the receptor overload and side effects associated with larger doses.

Quantum Analysis AI & Biotechnology

The convergence of quantum analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and biotechnology is poised to revolutionize drug discovery, with in silico (computer-based) testing playing a pivotal role. Our advanced quantum analysis algorithm expedites the process by efficiently sifting through potential therapeutic combinations, eliminating those with low probability. This algorithm adeptly integrates diverse data sets, leading to more accurate in silico simulations. While our approach significantly accelerates drug discovery, it does not compromise on essential steps. Laboratory and field testing, along with stringent regulatory compliance, remain integral to ensure the safety and effectiveness of new drugs.

Quantum computing's capability to run simulations more efficiently and quickly enhances both the in silico testing and prediction phases, marking a significant leap forward in the field.

Computational Molecular Dynamics

InTerra Scientists developed a proprietary algorithm that ascertains the specific molecular and frequency dynamics of FDA-compliant Topical Analgesic Actives and Inactive Ingredient molecules. This algorithm is a key component of our innovative approach.

Amplified Biological Signaling

InTerra's TAPMAP™ Technology utilizes a unique molecular library dataset to analyze OTC Compliant pain signaling molecules. The algorithm objective focuses on identifying ideal candidates for inhibiting pain signal production and stimulating related electrical-chemical reactions. By combining quantum and classical computing resources, our methodology aims to optimize the application of analgesic molecules and their reactions.

Molecular Resonance Blueprint

InTerra harnesses innovative technology to capture the resonant signatures of molecules, which include hertz, light, and electromagnetic frequencies. This approach is rooted in bioenergetic frequency medicine and bio-resonance therapy. Recent scientific breakthroughs suggest that specific frequencies can influence molecular synthesis within the body.

Resonance Science

Our breakthrough OTC Drugs, TheraFeel, BuzzAid and PhysioK, utilize natural plant and earth source ingredients. We amplify the unique Resonance of active ingredients by applying their peak Bio-Signature to potentiate Bio-Activity and Bio-Signaling. This reinforces the optimal Natural Active resonance to assist in restoring the natural pain-free resonance of target tissue. Albert Einstein once said, "Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies"

Neuro-Capacitive Coupling

InTerra's Science Team explores neuro-capacitive coupling by utilizing electron mapping to infuse molecules in a crystalline pattern, enhancing the resonance signaling capacity of active ingredients. This process may assist actives to act like mini-capacitor antenna arrays, amplifying and transmitting bio-resonance frequency signals to pain receptors.

Resonance Amplification

TAPMAP™, an acronym for Transmission, Amplification, and Potentiation of Molecular Affinity Parameters, is a cornerstone of our technology platform. It is the mechanism through which we enhance molecular interactions of FDA Compliant Actives, thereby improving the overall efficacy of our Over-the-Counter pain solutions.

InTerra's Science Team diligently employed TAPMAP™ Technology to augment the molecular resonance of Key Active Ingredients in TheraFeel Topical Analgesic, BuzzAid Mosquito Bite Relief and PhysioK Kinesiology Tape & Patches. By integrating these substrates into the body's bio-electric field, our objective is to stimulate homeostasis of inherent resonance, thereby enhancing pain relief efficacy.

OTC Active Ingredient Resonance Amplification

By returning natural actives to their original pure resonance, InTerra aims to amplify positive biological signaling and restore the undistorted natural purity of resonance. This breakthrough in receptor signaling potential can enhance the chemical and physiological efficacy of FDA-compliant active ingredients.

Resonance Science 

Quantum Biology proposes that biomolecules and elementary particles, as carriers of information, are fundamental to the regulation of the body's biological systems. At InTerra Sciences, we're investigating the potential of quantum resonance to amplify the signaling of active ingredients and their subsequent biological signaling within human biology. This exploration is at the heart of our commitment to advancing the science of pain management and overall health.

Pain Receptor Signaling

InTerra Scientists believe they have discovered that micro-dose ratios of target quantum-potentiated actives can align with pain receptors, triggering a bio-antenna effect and subsequently activating cellular memory potential of the pain-free state. The coherence of resonance memory around cells and pain receptors is considered the natural homeostatic state.

Biological Signaling & Resonance Frequency 

Understanding the vibrational input and atomic structure shifts caused by pain receptor signaling molecules helps recreate pre-pain vibrational input mapping and map pain-free receptor signaling state potential.

Cellular Fluidic Memory

InTerra's InstaSorb™ Technology replicates water's crystalline structure, utilizing enzymes and glucose polymers to enhance biological signaling and restore cellular memory recall. This innovative approach harnesses water's memory and cellular water structure for improved cellular communication and well-being.

Vibrational Potential

InTerra's Pain Tech, utilizing TAPMAP™ technology, aims to create a vibrational wave structure that triggers antenna-like receptor activity and awakens cellular homeostatic memory. Based on laboratory and field testing results to date, our Scientists believe It can enhance the natural resonance and signal capacity of active ingredients, optimizing biological signaling and augment restoring natural potentiation and Pain Relief.

Bioresonance is based on the scientific fact that every living organism, tissue and cell exists in a specific healthy frequency spectrum. This is called the resonance or rate of vibration. We also know that every living organism, tissue and cell possesses an electromagnetic field.

A healthy cell has a specific, frequency and voltage, which is different from an unhealthy organ or cell, which also has its own specific frequency and voltage. We believe we can utilize this Bio-technological concept to help bring the body and specific organ systems and mechanisms such as pain response into a healthy frequency range, where we experience optimal pain-free living.

Bioresonance therapy is about working with biological system oscillations in the human organism. When those frequencies are optimal and coherent, the body experiences positive health and pain-free living. When those frequencies are not optimal and coherent; the body can experience Dis-Ease and pain. Everything in the entire universe vibrates. This means that Dis-Ease and inflammation have a specific range of frequencies at which they express in the human body.

Toxic chemicals, pathogens, pesticides, inflammation and even pain signals exhibit a specific range of frequencies. Drugs, clinical pain killers, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes also have a specific range of frequencies that can when properly introduced to the body re-establish homeostasis and a healthy range of frequencies in human biological systems.

TheraFeel, BuzzAid & PhysioK Breakthrough Science

InTerra has achieved remarkable Breakthroughs in the field of Pain Relief through its pioneering application of Quantum Accelerated Molecular Dynamics and Advanced Molecular Resonance Imprinting technologies.

By using quantum-enhanced micro-dose ratios of Molecular Resonance Enhanced Natural Actives, InTerra developed FDA-compliant Over The Counter (OTC) pain solutions that offer enhanced biological signaling of pain receptors. InTerra's innovative approach, combining algorithm discovery, quantum ratio analysis and molecular resonance imprinting technology, positions the company as a leader in the development of groundbreaking OTC pain technologies.

Comprehensive Evaluation

As of Q1 2024, TheraFeel, BuzzAid, and PhysioK are being rigorously tested in an extensive field study involving over 7000 diverse participants, including NCAA athletes, physical therapy patients, and individuals from varied demographic backgrounds. This wide-ranging participant pool ensures the reliability and applicability of our findings across different populations.

In our ongoing evaluation, an encouraging 89.9% of participants have reported experiencing a significant reduction in pain within moments of topical application. This immediate effect, defined as a noticeable decrease in pain intensity, underscores the potential of our products to offer quick relief in various pain scenarios.

To ensure the long-term effectiveness and safety of our products, we are also conducting follow-up field testing to monitor sustained benefits and any adverse effects over time. This approach aligns with our commitment to providing not just immediate but also enduring pain relief solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

InTerra products meet the highest standards for safety and efficacy. PhysioK is a US FDA Class I Medical Device. In addition,TheraFeel, BuzzAid and PhysioK are USFDA Compliant Topical Analgesics that meet the stringent qualification requirements of U.S. FDA Over-the-Counter (OTC) Monograph M017: External Analgesic Drug Products for Over-the-Counter Human Use. All product manufacturing is required to be completed at GMP, USFDA Registered facilities.

InTerra's Innovative Pain Relief Solutions Pioneering the Future of Topical Analgesics

InTerra is leading a paradigm shift in pain management with its advanced topical analgesic technologies. By harnessing the synergy of natural active ingredients, quantum-optimized formulation and breakthrough molecular resonance imprinting methodology, our OTC Drugs, TheraFeel, BuzzAid, and PhysioK (pioneering kinesiology tape and patches with analgesic properties) are setting new standards in pain relief. These innovative solutions are designed to optimize the biological signaling of pain receptors, offering a more effective approach to managing pain. Ready to make a global impact, InTerra's products promise a transformative experience in pain relief, aligning with the latest compliance standards established by the US FDA.